Chanel WOC Hampton Bag with Black CC

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Alright, first I didn’t want to reveal this, but… (just kidding!).

The other day, June posted a handbag on our site that made us all ‘melt’, literally! We melted like ice creams in the dessert, and that is because we saw the NEW Chanel Wallet on Chain. (honestly, we do not know whether its new or not, but we’ve never see this version before).

Oh my, talking about quilted handbags, try to compare it with the Chanel Classic Quilted WOC. Ask me, I think this version is so-much more intriguing.

We named it the Chanel Hampton WOC, because it looks like it’s inspired by the Hampton Bag Collection.

It’s detailed with beautifully crafted stitches and finished with a black CC logo. If you want something modern, but then also timeless, there ain’t no better Wallet on Chain than this one.

Oh yes, it also comes with a thin interwoven chain links.

June posted on 18-10-2014: ‘I saw this in Chain store in Seoul last week, I thought this is the 2014 Hampton WOC or is this from 2011 Collection?’

This shoulder bag should be still available in store right now, so its time to run to your nearest boutique and ask your favorite SA for more details.

One more thing, Chanel WOC’s are priced around 1450 euro’s, this one too.


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Emily started her journey with a budget of 2000 euro. Her goal was to purchase a small flap bag in Paris. So she asked us for a small advice.

Because we are not sure what kind of small flap bag she was looking for, we advised her to try the Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag or the Mini Squared classic Flap Bag.

A week later she sent us a message again and her goal was achieved. She found the Chanel Classic Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag and she loved it. Congrats!

This WOC is a great choice, also for starters. The bag is reasonable priced, it features all the elements that you want in your Chanel Bag – it’s quilted, the color black is timeless, the chain is gorgeous as well as the luxurious super-soft lambskin. It’s like the mini size of the iconic Classic Flap Bag.

This bag is measured 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’, priced at $2140 USD or €1740 euro

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