Valentino Go Shoulder Bag

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Remember the Valentino Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign that we’ve dropped? Yes, it was some time ago and it was a two-image ad campaign. The featured model looked quite angry with her dotted dress and a simple V signature shoulder bag. And we tried to figure out what kind of bag it was and what leather it was made from. And today, we will be revealing everything, all the tiny details.

It was the Valentino Go Shoulder Bag, a new accessory from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. We love it because it can be used as an everyday bag and they are available in more colors than the rainbow. The V sign is a signature; obviously it means ‘Valentino’. These bags are perfect to company with your casual wears and they lighten up the fall and winter seasons when the sky turns dark.

Want to know more?

The Go Shoulder Bag is made from calfskin, and we love it. Calfskin is a strong leather, especially great if you are going to use it more often, you know, whenever you go out. I think it’s perfect for the weekend nights.

Then it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, you can adjust it anytime you want. Detachable? Yes, it means you can turn it into a clutch, but I love it exactly the way it is now.

Let’s quickly talk about the logo. You see, the Go shoulder bag is kind-of a classic, the V logo on the front is actually a ‘stitched logo’ from the early 1980’s. I love it!

There are two compartments; one patch pocket and one zip compartments in the interior. There is more than enough space to store your essentials and you can even structure them. Measuring 13 x 20 x 5 (H x W x D) cm.




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Presenting Valentino Spring 2016 Collection also named the Fantastic Animal Collection, and the name says it all. But the accessories are not just decorated with ordinary animals, we’re talking about unicorns and dragons mix.

Designed with black in the background and with animal print in sharp colors. In the print you will also find fish and butterflies – it’s a work of art.

The collection includes the Garavani Backpack and the B-Rockstud Shoulder Bag. These bags are also decorated with beautiful pyramid studs. The Backpack is priced at €1680 euro while the shoulder bag is priced at €2600 euro.

And there are more, like feature earrings or necklaces. Check them out here:








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Native couture is the name of the game as Valentino’s bag and shoe collection for the season unfolds. Spring looks a lot like a graphic fiesta for the brand that has changed the face of fashion. We’re quite impressed, though – it’s getting to the ‘back to basics’ kind of perspective, and that’s revolutionary in a sense because we tend to equate looking good with having to be over-the-top, which is totally not true at all times.












Clean-cut lines, streamlined patterns and cozy earth-colors (with accompanying shades that add subtle contrasts) are just some of the main elements in this collection. We love how luxe pieces have been given that ‘splash’ of patterns and warm shades – it isn’t everyday that we’re seeing these kinds of pieces. Well, we know you’re swooning!

Prices for pieces in this collection range from €380 EUR to €2,250 EUR for bags and €560 EUR to €770 EUR for shoes. What are you waiting for? Get your very own Valentino Native Couture 1975 piece now!









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Valentino Camoucouture Felt Fabric Backpack

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If I’m buying just one backpack this season, this one, the Valentino Camoucouture Backpack in felt fabric, would be it. Maybe I’m a sucker for anything camouflage, or the fact that I’ve always loved how lightweight (and fuss-free) felt is as a fabric, or just that being handsfree whilst wondering the city (or the great outdoors) is always a bonus, especially if I need both hands to operate my iPhone when I need to shoot something for Instagram.

Measuring 44 cm in height by 33 cm across, it’s roomy enough for most guys and then some, and whether you’re using it for work or play (or work and play) wouldn’t be an issue either. With double-zips on both the main compartment and the front pocket, it comes finished with leather handles that come with a sprinkling of ruthenium-finish studs.

Priced at USD2380 online via Valentino (from what I gather you can order it online and they’ll ship to Singapore and the region), you might as well pick up the matching felt fabric sneakers (also known as the Camouflage Rockrunner) as well, priced atUSD820 a pair. Because that’s exactly what I would do.

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Bag of the Week: Valentino My Rockstud Embroidered Flap Bag

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Bag: Valentino My Rockstud Embroidered Flap Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Valentino usually reserves its intricate signature embroidery for runway dresses, so it’s always a pleasure when some of it makes a jump to bags, as it does on this beautifully detailed top handle.

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Valentino Resort 2016’s Bags Take Cues from the American West

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