Alexander McQueen Legend Bag Collection

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Besides that we’re still addicted to Alexander McQueen’s Heroine Totes, we haven’t heard much from the brand. That’s until today, from the Resort 2015 Collection, a new bag made by Alexander McQueen, presenting you the ‘Legend Bag’.

A powerful name for the confident woman, the Alexander McQueen Legend Bag is not a little cute accessory. It’s fully packed with styles and character; it’s made with the utmost attention toward practicability. Compare to the shape of the Heroine Tote, the legend is much wider. In fact, the sides’ looks like bat wings, crafted with unique detailing on the end of the handles.

Both sizes come with a strap to carry crossbody, the large size is quite generous in space. It got one zip pocket and two patch pockets in the interior while the small size only got one patch pocket. Designed with antique finishing and golden hardware, it opens with the zip closure on the top.

Made with calfskin, the medium size is measured 30 x 33 x 15 (H x W x D) in cm. They are priced around $2195 USD and 1395 euro’s.

The small size is measured 14 x 17 x 7 (H x W x D) in cm, priced around $1535 USD and 1045 euro





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Alexander McQueen Spring 2015 Ad Campaign



Alexander McQueen will always be Alexander McQueen, introducing sophisticated royal dresses, with a touch of vintage, sexy and daring, ultra feminine accessories.

The fashion brand has done a major step in launching the Legend Bag Collection, which we have covered last week. The Classics like the Heroine Bags are already timeless and forever in style, the Legend Bags are already on its way to become the next iconic.

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For the Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign, Alexander McQueen introduces another new and gorgeous handbag. It’s a shoulder bag with artful print in black, red and pink. The silver closure is crafted on the top and it has a unique design. The bag appears to be in medium size and we’re sure that more styles like in tote versions are still coming. We do not know its name yet, or the prices, but we will keep you informed as soon as the information is available.






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The most endearing features of the Alexander McQueen clutches are the clasps and the distinct themes that tell a story. Take for example the Britannia leather box clutch, the Pearl-encrusted Skull Box and the Serpent skull Knuckle Box clutch, all of which feature the distinctive skull clasp on top. The Punk embellished box clutch tells the story of the sea with the Swarovski crystal starfish-tipped skull clasp and signature punk-luxe studs. The contrasting play of colors on the shell-embellished silk-tulle and leather box clutch is a beautiful work of art which any fashionista would love. The Alexander McQueen Punk Shell embellished box clutch will set you back $3,275.

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Bag of the Week: The Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bag

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Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bag

Bag: Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bag

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Although this design isn’t new, its feels fresh in this totally gorgeous shade of ultra-pale blush, with just enough black edgepaint to define its lines. I much prefer this version of the Heroine to the original tote – the closure is much more functional and intuitive on this shoulder bag.

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You Won’t Believe This! A Perfect Replica Alexander McQueen Clutch!

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Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Do you want to know what makes me happy? When you, girls, are happy with your bags. When you ask me for an advice, you follow it and you receive the most beautiful replica handbags on the market. Not to brag or anything but I really know this replica market and that’s why I make so pertinent comments.

And the feeling that your appreciation gives me it’s unbeatable! So here I am again, thanking you for being readers of this blog, for commenting and interacting with other followers. You make my day, every day!
Back to our beloved replica handbags, here is the latest review I received from a dear friend on mine, Anna. She bought a replica Alexander McQueen clutch and I have to admit, her purse is to die for.

“Dear Eva,

I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication! I was a little skeptical about replica handbags at the beginning but you made it sound so easy for me. I followed your advice and I finally bough that Alexander McQueen clutch I was talking about and I felt in love with it. The bag is not perfect but I can live with all the small flaws.

Let me give you more details. I bought it from, a designer replica handbags site that you recommend. I used Western Union and everything went very fast. I received my replica Alexander McQueen clutch in 10 days.

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Replica Alexander Wang Clutch

Now let me tell you what I the flaws are. The eyes are a bit bigger, the Alexander McQueen tag inside the clutch it’s a bit crooked and I don’t think it will last long because it’s not properly attached. The interior it’s made of leather but it’s a bit stiff so the clutch doesn’t open and close so easily. What I really like about the clutch is that the colors are really nice, the patent leather part it’s not so flashy. I wouldn’t change a thing about the clutch or about the experience.

Thanks again and I hope you like my new addition!

Honey, I love your Alexander McQueen replica purse, it’s gorgeous. You are right, it may have a few imperfections but there’s nothing to worry about. Replica purses as good as these are hard to find and they are definitely an asset. Enjoy your clutch and the many other replica purses to come!

What do you think, girls? Is this replica Alexander McQueen clutch the best, or what?

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