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We love to share new handbags, especially when we think that the bag is totally worth your attention. And we’ve found another one…

Presenting the Louis Vuitton Sevres Bag.

Everything but simple, this is a perfect sophisticated tote bag for non-stop lifestyles. A nice mix of plain and perforated Mahina calfskin leather creates a ladylike look.

We took some time to Google the word: ‘Mahina’ and here’s what we’ve found: ‘Mahina is a lunar deity, mother of Hema. Mahina is also the word for Moon in Hawaiian’.

The Louis Vuitton Sevres Bag is enhanced by a sleek Olympe lock and edge-dyeing. It’s covered with the iconic Monogram Print and the luggage tag adds a touch of luxury to it.

Are you interested? Here are some info’s about the structure…

The bag comes with 2 top handles for hand or shoulder carry. The interior is big enough to store all your personal essentials and it’s made with a zipped pocket, 2 compartments. The exterior features front and back flat pockets. So there are more than enough pockets to structure your items.

This is what you need to know. This bag is available in several colors like black, magnolia and galet. The darker the color, the less you will experience the beautiful brightness of the Monogram Print. The color black is blocking this print, which is very sad.

Measuring 15.4’ x 9.8’ x 7.5’ inches, priced at $3950 USD, €2900 euro, £2230 GBP via Louis Vuitton boutique.



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Magical, Mysterious, Mahina Selene Louis Vuitton Handbags!

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With its European aesthetic and unique dark leather, the Mahina Selene MM has a real sense of mystery about it! And that of course can give you a sense of mystery too, if you’re spotted carrying this lovely bag. It can go anywhere depending on how you match it – its simple design allows it to fit in with casual or formal wear.

The most striking thing about these Louis Vuitton handbags is the contrast of the black leather and the gold hardware. Look a little closer though and you’ll see that it’s the details that really set this bag apart.

Replica Louis Vuitton Mahina Selene 

The leather features perforations that create a very subtle, simplified monogram. Also, these Louis Vuitton handbags can be worn by either of the two straps, but the shoulder strap can be removed, which lets the bag work better with formal wear.

As with most LV bags, you’re much better off saving a small fortune and going with good replica handbags. But of course not all replica handbags are created equal, so choose wisely! Take a look at this site here, you’ll find this Louis Vuitton Mahina Selene and also other amazing bags.

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