This Week, Celeb Bag Attention Has Abruptly Turned to Versace, Louis Vuitton and the Hermès Kelly

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It's always notable when the eight celebs we feature in these round-ups are mostly carrying the same three designers. It indicates a potential shift in trends, or, alternatively, a sudden surplus of designer freebies. In any case, it gets our attention. This week, our usual supply of Birkins has been replaced by Kellys, and we also have appearances from one of Louis Vuitton's hottest current styles, Gigi Hadid's preferred Versace bag and Niecy Nash! Are you as excited as I am? You should be.

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We Did the Math: Here’s What Kris Jenner’s Hermès Collection is Worth

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Hermes has made the world’s most beautiful handbags like the famous Birkin and Kelly. But beautiful and functional are two different things. And when the two are combined, you get something very special – the Hermes Mini Halzan Bag.

Four bags in one – you can transform the Hermes Mini Halzan Bag in four different kinds of bag; an evening clutch, a long shopping tote, a cross body bag or a shoulder bag. So which one do you prefer today?

There is no bag as flexible as the Mini Halzan Bag and any form is fashionable and stunning. The front is made with a buckle, so adjust it to your comfort.

But what’s more importantly are the color and overall design. Single color is not only simple, but you can wear it at work, during the weekends or on holiday (in almost every occasions). Simplicity means that the bag can adjust to your outfit.

Final note.

We’ve presented the Hermes Halzan Medium Bag not long ago. The Mini version is new and we really like the smaller size of it.

READ: Hermes Halzan Medium Bag.








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Hermes works on becoming more transparent with its Petit h workshop chats

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The collection includes all sorts of quirky, humorous, random items such as glassware made from silk, boats, cars, illustrated tea pots, ornamental charms, bracelets, ping pongs, mirrors, gloves, jewellery, tags, jar handles and animals – including ostriches, camels, elephants and lizards. But when it comes to animals, they have to handle it with extreme caution. Damage control in the fashion industry is a serious matter. It is like a crack on a Ming vase. It could be fixed but the cracks will remain forever, even after all the efforts and work taken to cover it up. Hermés is a victim of such ill fate. After PETA tore down their elegant stand in the world of exclusive handbags, things went on a roll with every move of the brand being observed with a hawk’s eye. To make peace with this defamation, the brand is constantly trying to make amends.

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The Tale of 4 Hermes Clutches

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As I am now truly lucky enough to own the 4 Hermes clutches I most desired, I can now compare them all objectively AND subjectively.


Hermes Medor

My first Hermes clutch was the Medor 23 cm in Argile tadelakt leather with Permabrass hardware.  You would be hard-pressed to find a more elegant but edgy, neutral warm toned clutch.  The permabrass hardware is a subtle gold tone, not as flashy as the regular gold hardware, and lends itself easier to mixing metals.  The Medor used to be made in a larger 29 cm size, but currently is only offered in the smaller 23 cm.  Approximate measurements are 23 cm in length, 13 cm in height, and 4 cm in width.  It is a compact clutch that fits beautifully and comfortably in the hand, and can also be tucked in your armpit if both hands need to be in use.  It can comfortably fit a lipstick, compact, tissues, small tube of lotion, keys, phone and cash/cards in the side pocket.  However, I personally find the Medor to be strictly an evening clutch.  The tadelakt leather, which is similar to box, is smooth and delicate and prone to scratches and may blister if exposed to water/rain.  Aside from exotic skin (croc/gator and lizard), I believe the Medor is only made in tadelakt or box (both smooth delicate leathers).  The closure is also not the easiest to open/close, so quick access can be an issue.  Lastly, lacking a handle, you can only carry it 2 ways: hand held or tucked in your armpit.  However, I still do love the Medor, and have since acquired a Gris Perle with PHW (the perfect cool-tone neutral evening clutch) and a Rose Lipstick with Permabrass HW which has since been re-homed as I hardly ever used it.

unnamed (4)
unnamed (3)
unnamed (5)
unnamed (2)

Hermes Jige

Next let’s take a look at the Jige.  The Jige comes in 3 different sizes, the GM, the PM and the elan.  I have the Jige PM which is the only size in this style I wanted, in a beautiful Rose Confetti epsom leather.  It measures approximately 29 cm in length, 19 cm in height, and 3 cm in width.  The GM is very large, almost briefcase like, and the elan is the same length but shorter in height than the PM.  Contrary to the Medor, I find the Jige to be a more casual clutch, best suited for daytime use and more casual evenings out, perhaps due to the lack of hardware and the more durable and practically waterproof Epsom leather.  The closure allows for easy access.  This is a larger clutch than the Medor 23 cm, and I can fit all of the above items, plus a small wallet/card case and sunglasses.  Like the Medor, it can also only be carried 2 ways: hand held or tucked in your armpit.  I personally am not sure if I would purchase another Jige, unless it was offered in an amazing fun pop color.  Aside from Epsom leather, it is also offered in swift and exotic skin.

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unnamed (7)
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unnamed (6)

Hermes Kelly Pochette

Now let’s turn our focus to the Kelly clutches which both have the same flap, sangles and turnlock closure as the bigger Kelly bags.

The Kelly Pochette is an adorable, small clutch with a short handle, and is deceptively roomy.  I have this in a beautiful vibrant pink Rose Tyrien in epsom leather with PHW.  It measures approximately 22 cm in length, 14 cm in height, and 7 cm in maximum width at the base.  It is the only clutch with a flat wide base that allows it to stand on it’s own, like a mini bag.  It fits all the same items that fit in the Jige PM.

unnamed (11)
unnamed (12)
unnamed (10)

Hermes Kelly Cut

The other Kelly clutch is the Kelly Cut, and in my eyes, this is the more elegant edgier older sister to the Kelly Pochette.  It has the same short handle, but is longer and thinner.  It measures approximately 31 cm in length, 13 cm in height, and 2.5 cm in width.  As some of you may know, my Rose Jaipur epsom GHW Kelly Cut is the newest addition to my clutch/bag collection, and clearly the style which took me the longest to find in my exact specifications (color, leather and hardware).  This clutch fits less than the Pochette, and about the same amount of items as what can fit in the Medor 23 cm.

Read all about the Hermes Kelly Cut Craze in PurseBop’s feature.

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Find out how LeOrangeBliss added this jewel to her collection in the story HERE

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Kelly Cut versus Kelly Pochette

I find both Kelly clutches to be the most versatile, in terms of transitioning from day to night, and also in terms of how they can be carried.  Whereas the Medor and Jige can only be carried 2 ways, the Kelly clutches allow a 3rd way of being carried because of the short handle.  The closure is also very easy for me, as I leave the sangles undone and hanging down, while only closing the flap into the turnlock, making it an easy one step open/close.  If you have these in epsom leather, it is worry and fuss-free for daytime use, but the hardware adds that extra special touch that allows it to be dressy enough for evening.  Of course, they are also available in more delicate and dressy leathers such as swift and exotic skin (lizard, ostrich, gator and croc).

unnamed (8)
unnamed (9)

Hermes Clutch Prices

Hermes Clutch Price in USD
Hermes Jige $3,525
Hermes Medor $5,400
Hermes Kelly Pouchette $5,450
Hermes Kelly Cut $5,450

*prices are for classic leathers, exotics range much higher

Hermes Clutch Dimensions

Hermes Clutch Dimensions (L x H X W cm)
Hermes Jige PM 29 x 19 x 3
Hermes Medor 23 x 13 x 4
Hermes Kelly Pouchette 22 x 14 x 7
Hermes Kelly Cut 31 x 13 x 2.5

I hope you’ve found my personal review of these Hermes clutches useful.  I think everyone should own at least one clutch, because there is nothing more perfect for evening wear, and if chosen properly, can also be used for a sleek streamlined daytime look.  In my experience, all of these clutches are extremely hard to find in stores, even more so than the Birkin or Kelly bags.  I was told once by my lovely SA that they can get 10 bags to 1 clutch.  Personally, the Kelly clutches, particularly the Kelly Cut, were the hardest for me to find, having waited years to be offered the perfect ones for me.

And now that I have all 4 clutch styles I ever wanted from Hermes, you are probably wondering if I have a personal favorite… and yes, well yes I do…. for me, it would have to be the Kelly Cut, for all the reasons I have mentioned above.

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Covet That Classic: Hermès Birkin

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You know it’s a party when you can feast your eyes on Hermès Kelly, Constance and Lindy bags in the same room. But it is the beautiful Birkin bag that always catches my eye. Free of logos, it is still one of the most recognized bags in the fashion world and public alike, since 1984.

image 01

Created and named in honour of actress Jane Birkin, the Birkin is highly coveted–the six-year waiting list has held and possibly even increased, the bag’s value with age. Though the list no longer exists since 2010, it doesn’t mean there is any less demand for this leather beauty. With a high resale value, the Birkin bag is on every fashionista’s wish list.
image 03

Bigger than the Hermès style named after Grace Kelly, the Birkin bag features a lockable flap closure and two handles–the Kelly only has one handle. Featuring a number-coded lock and keys in a leather clochette, the iconic bag is indeed a sight to behold.

image 02

Available in six sizes (25, 30, 35, 40, 50 and 55 centimeters) and a wide variety of colours, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to investing in your first Birkin.

With a variety of hides, from calf-leather to ostrich and lizard skins, the most expensive Birkin yet is the saltwater crocodile skin. Fun fact: the bags with smaller scales are more costly than those with larger scales. A health warning to note: with a goatskin interior, the Birkin bag is one heavy handbag.

image 04

While I particularly like the gold-plated metallic hardware, there has been interesting customization of the metal lock in leather or diamond additions to truly make it a one-of-a-kind.

Don’t just remember these facts about this classic bag; view Reebonz’s Royale selection of beautiful pieces to adorn your wardrobe today.

Start coveting, start investing. The Hermès Birkin will never run out of style.

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