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Though there are now three variations of the Baguette Bag, we should always search for the most classic version. And when we search for the most classic edition, we turn to the original Fendi Baguette Bag.

Nothing can replace the original design.

For those that has doubted about the prettiness of the Baguette Bag, think again. Especially the Micro edition is very attractive and cute – the perfect summer bag, don’t you think?

And so we want to present to you the Fendi Micro Satin-Twill Baguette Bag. It comes with the original F logo on the front flap, attached to the leather strap. Both design give a luxurious appeal.

But what’s more beautiful is the decoration – with over hundreds of tiny little flower pieces stitched on the bag, it creates a sparkly-effect. And when the sun shines upon it, its even more eye-catching. I love the multicolor, and you should also know which fashion style matches this beauty.

One thing we’re certain, you will need this for the summer.


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Bergdorf Goodman Opens Pre-Fall 2016 Pre-Orders with New Bags from Fendi, Givenchy and More

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Fendi FendiRumi Bag Charms Reference Guide

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Fendi introduces their latest bag charms, the FendiRumi. FendiRumi consists of two new monsters made of mink fur with kiddasia crests and fox hair, Piro-Chan and Bug-Kun. First seen during the Fall/Winter 2016 runway show, the two appeared as mascots being guests on the show, and as bag charms on the collection’s handbags. Piro-Chan is the pink monster with yellow eyes with cystals and blue Fendi written on her body. Bug-Kun is the blue monster with yellow Fendi logo on his body, it has a similar look to the brand’s famous Bag Bugs monsters.

Fendi has taken its inspiration from Japan’s Kigurumi-mania. A combination of two Japanese words, “kiru” means to wear, while “nuigurumi” means stuffed toy. In Japan, they are performers wearing costumes during major events. FendiRumi has been a huge success following its appearances in the brand’s shows, events and store openings, which is why they were made into cute bag charms. The FendiRumi charms were made available for a limited time after the Fall/Winter 2016 show, but it will be available in Fendi boutiques this July.

Style & Price



Fendi FendiRumi Bug-Kun Bag Charm $1,500.00 (USD)
Fendi FendiRumi Piro-Chan Bag Charm $1,500.00 (USD)


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Fendi F/W15 2Jours

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fendi_fw15-petite-2jours1Fendi’s 2Jours isn’t exactly a new bag, but it’s a bag worth revisiting given its versatility and enduring style. A play on the French adverb ‘toujours‘ which means always, the 2Jours can easily be your everyday and ‘always’ bag, checking off most (if not all) of the points on the checklist regarding form and functionality.

fendi_fw15-petite-2jours2First, the form. Structured, smart and easy on the eyes, the 2Jours (which comes in 2 sizes, Petite and Regular) is an easy contender for a bag for either work or play. Pick one in a solid hue for work, for example, which can be most any colour it comes in from Burgundy to Neon Blue or classic Black. For play you can pick a 2Jours in any of the bright pastels (say Peach, or even something more exotic like python in Yellow). There’s also the new Monster Calf 2Jours (shown above) that will look even better with bag charms piled on.

fendi_fw15-regular-2jours-blackAnd then there’s the function. Depending on the size you pick (Petite 2Jours measures some 26 cm by 21 cm, while the Regular 2Jours comes in at 35 cm by 28 cm), one can be regarded as a bag for ‘play’ (with an optional shoulder sling thrown in for good measure) while the other is quite literally the workhorse which you can tote over the shoulder for work.

Priced from SGD2890 and up, the 2Jours isn’t a bag that would break your bank either, making perfect sense since the less expensive a bag, the more you’ll use it ‘always’, right?

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Let’s assume that the world is yours, you have everything what you desire. Your wardrobe is filled with the most gorgeous handbags and shoes in the world. And you made even the Queen from Snow White jealous.

Then at an ordinary day, while you’re shopping here and there, you stumble upon the Fendi Micro Peekaboo Bag. And your mind starts to pop these hatch tags,


The Fendi Peekaboo Bag was originally launched in the Spring Summer 2009 Collection. Since then this bag has been loved by many fashionista’s. And today, it’s available in Micro version.

It’s tiny and cute. The bag function just like the Fendi Micro Monster Baguette Bag, you can attach it to medium sized or large bag, like the 3Jours Tote Bag

READ: Fendi Micro Monster Baguette Bag

And…(what you will love the most), it’s released in summer colors like Blue, Fuchsia, Light Pink, Light Yellow. And I know, I know, you want all the colors! Me too.

Made from lambskin, it features a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. The interior is crafted with two compartments and one patch pocket.

Measuring 11.5 x 15 x 5.2 (H x W x D) cm, priced around $1500 USD, €1100 euro via Luisa Via Roma.

Pick! Which is one your favorite?

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Don’t buy any ‘By The Way’s’ yet before you read this.

You see, we were excited when the newer version of the Fendi By The Way Bag was getting a tale with lots of Swarovski crystal embossed.

READ: Fendi Mini By The Way Leather Bag

Not only because the size was ‘mini’ but the tale was like… a crocodile tale. It was elegant, beautiful and shiny – basically our taste!

The Swarovski stones matches like twins to the color of your bag. The black with black stones and the pink with light pink and white stones. Lovely!

Now Fendi reintroduces the By The Way Bag in Snakeskin, completely embellished with beads, sequins and crystals.

Besides that it is in beautiful yellow – the color of the summer, it has the same crocodile tale that we’ve mentioned earlier. And to make it even cuter than ever, it’s stitched with cute miniature creations of the Fendi classics everywhere on the bag.

It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, featuring an internal zipped and slot pockets, measuring 5’ x 8’ x 4’ (H x W x D), priced at €2990 euro via MyTheresa.




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