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While I’m always on the lookout for something new as far as bags are concerned, it’s not getting any easier because after a while, you realise everything on the market is pretty much the same. It’s either an adaptation of a style that’s been around since bags were regarded as tools, a non-rigid container if you will, to carry berries and grains (says Wikipedia, by the way) from one point to another, or bags that look like someone else’s bags.

Then there are bright sparks, bags that come in a unique enough design that are both big on form and function. And for today’s post we address two such bags from Bally’s S/S16 collection, the Oblique and the Sommet.

Let’s start with the Oblique, also known as the bright spark I was talking about earlier. A simple straightforward rectangular shoulder bag which comes with a portion of its flap cut off and replaced with a push-lock clasp, it’s a smart looking handbag that will progress easily from day to night. Packed with 2 internal compartments and 3 pockets, it comes in exotic crocodile, grained calfskin and even interesting combos like canvas on leather or pony hair on leather, with prices starting from just SGD2390.


Now for the former, Bally’s Sommet. Looks like a bag you’ve seen before, right? And while you can’t quite put your finger on it, my suggestion is this. Instead of getting hung up on what it was or what it could be, let’s focus on its merits instead.

For starters, it’s a roomy enough tote for the working woman, with the one in Mediummeasuring some 35 cm by 24.5 cm. Topped with 2 short handles, you can wear it with the front flap closed, or completely open and tucked at the back for a different look. Even the sides can be presented differently; the sides can either stick out or tuck in, depending on the amount of space you actually need on any given day. To dress it up, just throw on a bag charm or wrap the handles with a long and thin printed silk and you’re good to go.

Besides the ones in exotic crocodile, you can also opt for the ones that come in either grained or smooth calfskin, and apart from the Medium there’s also another in Smallwhich measures 28 cm by 20 cm and adorably cute. Prices start from SGD1990 for the small ones in grained leather to SGD2490 for the ones in Medium. Affordable too, right?

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Bally leather weekend bag

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Bally is a company with a more than 150 years history. Unlike the most fashion houses specializing in leather shoes and accessories, Bally isn’t Italian or French, but a proud Swiss company. And the main core business of Bally is superb quality leather shoes (both for men and women), and quality leather weekend bag. Bally brand sells also clothing and other accessories and the company has expanded internationally with boutique shops and representation worldwide.

Bally started business in 1847 when brothers Carl Franz and Fritz Bally took over their fathers elastic ribbon manufactory.
After a business visit to Paris Carl was fascinated by a beautifully decorated pair of slippers that he brought o his wife. An idea was born and brothers established a company “Bally & Co”. Fritz Bally later left the company and Carl established new business under name of “C.F. Bally” and already in 1860 employed more than 500 people in his shoe factory. Bally expanded in other countries as well, and opened branches around the world, from Paris to Buenos Aires, producing shoes for work, leisure activities, as well as sports. This brand’s traditions and expertise in luxury handbag manufacturing is absolutely one of the best. This is true quality leather handbag to buy, if you are searching for one. And this quality also means that the fashion bag from this brand will last long in its durability, beauty and functionality.

In 1976 Bally started producing leather weekend bag and other high quality accessories. Today there are 200 single brand stores throughout the world and company promises to open new ones. Bally bags are of superb quality, they are elegant, expensive and luxury.

One of the hottest Baly leather weekend bag is the Bally Jana. Angelina Jollie has been spotted wearing this simple lined beautiful bag. Another interesting additon is the Bally leather weekend bag. It is rather different in its design from the classic Bally leather weekend bag, however might appeal to some handbag hunters. Bally replica bags and accessories are cheap fake Bally knockoffs. Information on Bally sale or Bally discounted products is often available on their website. Bally leather weekend bag are the exquisite craftsmanship – attention is paid to all the smallest details. So if Bally bag sale offers discounted cheaper Bally clutches and bags for smaller price, this is the right time to buy the discounted designer bag. Bally bag will not have the wholesale discount, however you will be able to save money and buy women handbag for smaller price, for example Bally Beeleen.

Bally bags and Bally shoes are very popular and special. But replica Bally bags are the fake Bally purses and totes, as well as Bally replicas, this means that these are fake Bally bags and Bally replicas which are copy leather weekend bag not the real designer purses. Bally replica bags are mere imitations, so check out genuine discounted brand bags that some sites sell. These are discounted designer handbags of previous season that are sold at low prices. Check out the latest bag sale on internet with the lowest prices on women bags. These leather bags are of the top quality, they are original brand bags and made using expert craftsmanship and attention to the smallest detail. These hand bags are truly luxury accessories and they cost the price they deserve. Check out the latest bag sale.

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