Tiffany & Co.: The Keys To My Heart

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When we think of keys, we typically associate them with a certain significance. Like how we use them to keep our most important items locked up, precious memories like letters from our first love, photographs we treasure, even trinkets that we all have great sentimental attachment to, with a key being the only way to unlock them.


With Tiffany & Co., the key symbolises that exact sentiment, one of great significance that can be used to celebrate milestones in our everyday lives. Coming of age, first job, first love, opening oneself to new beginnings and the world of possibilities, and one that starts with Tiffany’s emblematically enchanting Key.


A modern yet timeless collection of pendants in the shape of a key that was first introduced in 2008, Tiffany’s Key collection encompasses over 200 designs that include everything from fleur-de-lis to trefoil flowers and hearts, even keys inspired by actual vintage pieces. Available in a wide variety of metals from the humble (sterling silver) to precious (all manner of gold and platinum), some come as is, others come adorned with sparkling diamonds complete with the most detailed of metalwork.

Once you’ve chosen the Key (or keys, since some of them are sold in pairs), the next step in making it truly yours will be the addition of a necklace chain, which are sold separately. You can wear your Key short or long (there are 5 different lengths that range from 40 cm to 76 cm), but the best way to decide is to head down to a Tiffany & Co. boutique yourself and try on as many pieces as you like.

Wear them on their own, or just add on a new Key every time you achieve a new milestone in your life. Prices range from SGD265 to SGD42,800, depending on the design you pick, which just leaves one question. Which Key from Tiffany & Co. will be one that unlocks your heart?

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Chanel Les Blés de Chanel Collection

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Gabrielle Coco Chanel was a superstitious woman, one who loved her charms and talismans which she collected and displayed in her various abodes, from her studio in 31 Rue Cambon to the apartment she kept at Ritz Hotel in Paris. During the course of her lifetime, she amassed a veritable treasure trove, amongst which included panels of antique Coromandel screens that became the backdrop of these objects that have become house icons of today, from the lion, Leo (her star sign), to the camellia that appears in various forms including bouquets of rock-crystal.


Whilst many here are familiar with them, not many will also know she loved wheat and had it in various forms throughout her apartment. Appearing on various mediums, there were wheat bouquets made of brass to carved wheat detailing on the wooden fireplace and gilded sheaves of wheat that served as table legs. She even had a painting commissioned; Dali painted her a single blade of wheat.

Why? She regarded wheat as an eternal symbol of regeneration, one of abundance, luck and prosperity. And most fittingly, Chanel High Jewellery pays tribute to one of Gabrielle Chanel’s most personal symbols this season with the Les Blés de Chanelcollection, 62 different pieces that pay homage to the humble grain in precious metals and stones like diamonds, yellow sapphires, peridots, crystallines, aquamarines and of course, pearls.


And if I had to play favourites and pick just one high jewellery piece to fawn over, it would be the this, the ‘Fête des Moissons‘ necklace (shown above), which is also the star of the collection. Employing signature techniques, the craftsmen at the atelier made this piece articulated and light in spite of the way it looks, with a 25 carat vivid yellow diamond taking centrestage on the neck piece that also includes over one thousand fancy-cut multicoloured diamonds, brilliant-cut yellow diamonds, marquise-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds.

No less breath-taking include a selection of ‘Fête des Moissons’ pieces that also has a cuff bracelet, drop earrings and a ring, their key features (like the necklace) being the ample use of richly-hued yellow diamonds that are akin to the most intense of sunsets over a ripe wheat field.


Other mini-collections in the Les Blés line-up include ‘Moisson d’Or‘ and ‘Moisson de Perles‘, which of course feature Chanel’s signature precious cultured pearls to great effect on pieces set on white gold alongside brilliant diamonds. Making its way around the world to various countries after Paris, we will get to witness the collection in its full, rich, abundant glory come January 2017 when they get exhibited in Singapore, so please watch this space for more updates.

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Forever 21 Festival JewelryForever 21 Festival Jewelry

Time to layer up for festival season with Forever 21’s bohemian inspired jewelry. All priced at under $20, we rounded up our favorite looks from the fashion brand’s ‘Desert Details’ trend guide. From antique inspired gold plating to turquoise hues and faux gemstones, check out some gorgeous earrings, necklaces and bracelets below. Pair with a printed romper or maxi dress for that perfect bohemian look.

Forever 21 Fringe Statement Necklace $12.90Forever 21 Fringe Statement Necklace $12.90Forever 21 Layered Faux Stone Necklace $5.90Forever 21 Layered Faux Stone Necklace $5.90Forever 21 Antique Gold Coin Statement Necklace $14.90Forever 21 Antique Gold Coin Statement Necklace $14.90Forever 21 Feather Drop Earrings $5.90Forever 21 Feather Drop Earrings $5.90Forever 21 Faux Stone Statement Necklace $19.90Forever 21 Faux Stone Statement Necklace $19.90Forever 21 Faux Stone Drop Earrings $7.90Forever 21 Faux Stone Drop Earrings $7.90Forever 21 Beaded Elephant Bracelet Set $5.90Forever 21 Beaded Elephant Bracelet Set $5.90Forever 21 Faux Stone Bracelet Set $6.90Forever 21 Faux Stone Bracelet Set $6.90

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Chanel Boyfriend Black Dial Steel Watch Collection

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There aren’t many real reasons in today’s world one would actually wear a watch, I mean, even for me, my iPhone is my immediate go-to if I need to check on the time whenever I’m not wearing a timepiece on my wrist. But strangely (and I tried this a couple of times) when there’s a watch on me, I would inadvertently glance at my wrist if I need to check on what time it is. In other words, it’s instinctive, like my brain is pre-conditioned to do it almost naturally.

Maybe I’m old-school that way (ok, ok, just old), but I would think most of you out there would agree with me (and be doing the same thing most of the time). And if that’s truly so, I’m also pretty sure most of you would agree that what we wear on the wrist is important too, a watch that’s at the very least a) aesthetically-pleasing, b) tells time accurately and of course c) must have a backstory that we all can relate to.

Which brings me to Chanel Horlogerie‘s new timepiece offering, the Boyfriend. The watch itself isn’t new, but for 2016 it’s offered for the first time in steel. Yes, the bezel is all steel, a material that’s not only hardwearing but extremely sleek as well. Shaped like an octagon, it’s also an iconic shape that’s familiar to fans of Chanel, a masculine take on the Première watch, the stopper on the fragrance No.5 and a tribute to the layout of Place Vendôme in Paris.


A beautifully elegant timepiece, this particular incarnation of Chanel’s Boyfriend is also perfect for the independent woman of today, and one who appreciates its strong lines, refined design and of course, that signature shape. Available in two variations: one’s simply in steel (SGD6150) while the other comes bejewelled with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds (price on application). Guaranteed to give you that extra spring in your step, you can skip on down to Chanel’s Fine Jewellery & Watches boutique at Ngee Ann City for a closer look at your potential new Boyfriend.

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This Vacheron Constantin timepiece is a watchmaking tribute to sartorialism

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The dial is coated with a translucent Grand Feu enamel, depicting the shades and colors of fine masculine grooming. A sub-dial houses the hours and minutes and it is rimmed with mother-of-pearl so as to resemble buttons used in tailoring. The watches employ a Caliber 1400 mechanical manual-winding movement. It comprises of 98 components and 20 jewels with a 40-hour power reserve on offer.
The Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale line comprises of five different styles, each with its unique pattern. These include the Prince of Wales check that is presented on raspberry red enamel, the herringbone motif on a lavender-toned enamel, the windowpane pattern on warm grey, the pin stripes on a touch of soft linen and the tartan motif with the criss-crosses on a sea of cerulean blue.
Each nook and corner of the timepiece reflects the craftsmanship of a tailor and a watchmaker alike. The latter imitating the design sensibilities of the former.

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Hermès reveals gorgeous Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie watches at Baselworld

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hermes-Faubourg-Manchette-Joaillerie (2)

hermes-Faubourg-Manchette-Joaillerie (3)
This year’s Faubourg Manchette Joaillerie watches combine that signature broad leather cuff with gem-studded bezels and precious stone dials. At first the leather craftsman assembles the cuff strap using the saddle-stitching technique, making three double stitches at each end of the seam before rubbing down the sharp edges and pressing a furrow between the seam and the edge of the leather. The strap contour is dyed and then heat-smoothed with a soldering iron, in an operation known as burnishing. To finish, it is waterproofed with beeswax.
hermes-Faubourg-Manchette-Joaillerie (1)
Next, the watch case’s hollowed out bezel is fitted with 36 precisely cut baguette set gems, color coordinated to the color of the strap. Green straps twinkle with emeralds while blue and brown straps get sapphires in matching hues. The classic black strap gets clear, crystalline diamonds. Even the dials are made from precious gems, green malachite, blue lapis lazuli, amber tiger’s eye and black onyx are each set with four diamonds at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 indices. The colored variants feature rose gold cases and pin buckles while the black one uses white gold.

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